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Best domain name providers for 2020

Domain names are your website’s window to the world – but not all providers are the same

Updated for 2020

You want a memorable, snappy address for your website. So you’ll need to register a domain name.

A domain name is a web address like, and there are lots of options. It can be a bit hard to know where to start.

You don’t have to use the company you already use for web hosting – it’s perfectly possible to separate the two, though your web hosting company might tempt you with special offers. You can read our other post about what to look for in a domain name provider.

Here’s a list of our favourite domain name providers, in no particular order, with their particular advantages. logo

This is a growing UK company, but their big draw is free basic web hosting and a huge email offer every domain name. You get an amazing 100 full email inboxes with a generous 10gb of storage each. The hosting doesn’t have some of the features that most hosting has: it doesn’t have FTP access for transferring files across, so you have to do that within their control panel, and the bandwidth is only 250mb per month, which doesn’t cover a huge amount of visitors. But it’s pretty speedy and ideal if you’re a charity or on a budget.

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1&1 Ionos

Previously known as 1&1, Ionos has rebranded but their offer remains competitive. They often do offers like the first year for £1, but the following year’s renewal price is more expensive than most suppliers, so remember the ongoing costs.

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This American company does what it says on the tin, as their prices are very good, though the website tends to show prices in dollars initially – put a domain name in your shopping basket to see the price in pounds. They also do special offers for your first year’s registration, but crucially, the renewal rate for the following years remains competitive.

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This company based in France is a great choice, though their interface has its own little quirks. They’re the best bet if you want more than one professional-looking email address set up, as they provide two with every domain. If you register a UK domain with them, you may have to send them proof of your identity via email such as a scan of a bill.

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