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Helpful tips for working from home

A lot of people are dubious about working from home, but you might find you prefer it!

So many people say to me that they wouldn’t like working from home, as they’d never get anything done. There are plenty of advantages though. With these few tips, you’ll be able to be as productive as possible, and who knows, maybe you won’t want to go back to the office!

Find a dedicated workspace

If you already have a home office set up, then great. If not, finding a corner that is only used for your work will help you set clear boundaries between your work time and free time. If you’re using the same laptop for work and leisure, take it somewhere else at the end of the work day.

Repel your temptations

Afraid you won’t be able to avoid distractions? Then make a list of the distractions you need to steer clear of, and think of what obstacles you can put in their way. Put your mobile in another room or switch it off if constant notifications are getting in the way. If putting the TV on to catch up with the latest news is tempting, then disconnect the aerial lead during your work time – whatever it takes! You can always reward yourself at the end of the day.

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Structure your time

Come up with a structure for the day. Sure, there will be disruptions like parcel deliveries, but try not to let regular trips for a snack interrupt your flow. Schedule breaks when you can allow yourself to refuel and get a cuppa. Have a full lunch break (not at your desk) and go for a walk. Try and leave tasks like putting on the washing machine till before or after work – after all, that’s when you’d be doing it if you were in the office.

Keep an eye on time

Track your time with an app like, making a note of everything you’re doing. This way you’ll be able to see how much you’re getting done and what’s getting in the way. This is purely for your benefit, you don’t have to show it to the boss (unless you’re expected to anyway!)

Clock in and out

Set an alarm for the end of your workday. If you often find yourself staying at work late to finish something, it’ll be even easier for you to do that at home. It’s very rare that finishing a task can’t wait till tomorrow: maybe now’s the time to cut down on the unpaid overtime and improve your work-life balance.

Good luck, and make it work for you!

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