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The ultimate events calendar: the best free WordPress plugins 2019

We’ve tested the calendars you can add to your website, and we can reveal the one that comes top

Why do I need an events calendar?

Event calendars are important in scheduling and publicizing events for your website.  If you’re organizing seminars, workshops and public engagement events, you’ll want people to find out about them. 

Why would you need an extra plugin to do this? 

You could just type in your events manually of course. But a calendar plugin will be able to show events in several different formats, like weekly or monthly.  And it will help you duplicate events and show recurring events, rather than have to type them in repeatedly.  If you’ve already got your events saved somewhere else, e.g. Google calendar, you’ll be able to import them all and synchronise them, again saving the effort of copying and pasting.

The best WordPress events calendar plugin is…

If you’re looking for the best WordPress calendar plugin for your site then All-in-One Event Calendar by Time.ly is a powerful event management plugin that will tick all the boxes. And what’s more, the free version has everything you need to get started!

All-in-one event calendar plugin by Time.ly

You can set up and promote your events from your website calendar while saving time and reducing costs.  It is has grown popular in managing events for large companies, government and educational institutions. This plugin has also proved to be a great option to run a community events calendar.

Is it user friendly?

Are you a beginner? No need to worry. All-in-One Event Calendar comes with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use even for a newbie.  A beginner can easily add events and sort them into categories. It is simple to manage organisers and venues with the plugin’s streamlined creator experience.

The user interface allows you to adjust a lot of settings. From the plugin’s setting page, there is not much that you cannot control. You can set details including event time and date, location information, organizer details, cost details as well as the link for visitors to purchase tickets.

Can it integrate with Google Calendar?

The All-in-One Event Calendar allows you to display event venues using Google maps. You can place upcoming events in a calendar grid format with popups giving more details. The plugin also allows users to add events from any calendar that supports the popular iCal format, including Google Calendar.

The plugin allows events filtering by categories and tags and includes features like recurring events. You can also import events from Facebook.  If you want to display a small calendar in the sidebar or footer of your website (known as a widget), that’s covered too, with plenty of options.

So what are the layout options?

This plugin allows you to easily choose from three built-in themes for the calendar’s smart-looking display. Users can tweak the calendar theme by choosing different colours as desired.

The calendar comes with multiple viewing options such as day, week, month, agenda, and the upcoming events widget. The plugin allows you to embed a calendar into a WordPress page without the need to modify your theme. Furthermore, each event is optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and links back to the original calendar.

Is there good support if you need it?

The support we’ve received from Time.ly has been great, and they’ve been able to get to the bottom of any issue we’ve had.  If you upgrade to paid plan, you’ll get speedier support through a variety of channels. The plugin has been audited by many WordPress experts for compatibility and reliability for its users.

All-in-one Event Calendar plugin - showing a calendar in Posterboard view
The premium version of the plugin has an attractive Posterboard view

Can I upgrade if I need extra features?

All-in-One Event Calendar’s paid plans and add-ons come with a great deal more functionality. These functions include extra layouts like the very stylish Posterboard and Stream views, Twitter autosharing, front-end submission of events, filtering by venue and organizer, and keyword search. You can also remove the Time.ly branding, though luckily the free plugin doesn’t display any advertising.

So this is all I need to create an online calendar.

Absolutely! The All-in-one Calendar Plugin is available to download for free from the Plugins section of your WordPress website.  If you need help adding a calendar to your website, get in touch and see how we can help.

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