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The ultimate social media feed: the best free WordPress plugins 2019

We’ve tested the social media feeds you can add to your website, and we can reveal the one that comes top

Why do I need a social media feed on my website?

Showing your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed on your website can show your website users your latest posts, keeping them up to date. It makes a site more interactive, particularly if the other content doesn’t get updated so frequently.

Why would you need an extra plugin to do this?

You can add (or embed) a Twitter or Facebook profile without a plugin, but you’ll need to paste some code into a certain part of your website. For those not so confident with code, a plugin makes it easier to integrate your social media posts into your website, and you’ll be able to customise the layout a lot more.

The best social media feed plugin for WordPress is…

We recommend FeedThemSocial. It’s got tons of options in the free version, and the plugin displays well on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets. Having tried a few plugins, this is one that has been consistently reliable and is well supported by the developers.

FeedThemSocial plugin - screenshot of Facebook feed

Why do you need Feed Them Social?

It is easy to just put a link to a social media account on your website. But with this plugin, you can get so much more. You can share your feeds across all platforms with just a single step, and enrich your website with extra content automatically.

How do you use it?

It is a powerful plugin, but does need a bit of setting up first. You need to link your social feed to your website by logging into it through the plugin, and giving permission for your website to access your social media feed. Then you can tailor all the options for your feed, and the developers haven’t skimped on options in the free version.

Admin screen for a Twitter feed in FeedThemSocial WordPress plugin
This is an example of all the options available for a Twitter feed – and this is in the free version of the plugin!

Is it user friendly?

Once you’ve found your way around, it’s very easy to add your social feed to the website, either by adding it in the Widgets section (which often adds elements to the sidebar or the footer), or by pasting a shortcode into where you want the social media feed to go.

What are the features of the plugin?

  • It is very simple to install and setup and comes with easy steps to get you started.
  • You can display your Facebook page including your photos when utilizing the free version.
  • There is a shortcode generator that allows you to add the social feed wherever you like in your site.
  • You have the ability to customize the font color to your preference.
  • You have the capability to share from Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube feeds easily.
  • Either above or below the feeds you can add follow or like buttons.
  • You have the capability to Auto Load more posts once you arrive at the end of the feed.

Can I upgrade if I need extra features?

FeedThemSocial’s premium version and addons come with a great deal more functionality. There are lots more settings so you can customise your feed further, and they also have addons which allow you to display Facebook reviews, or Facebook photos in an attractive carousel.

So this is all I need to show off my social media feeds.

Yes, FeedThemSocial is available to download for free from the Plugins section of your WordPress website.  If you need help adding social media feeds to your site, get in touch and see how we can help.

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