Project AMiCC

Project AMiCC is a research project based at the University of Nottingham’s Department of Architecture and Built Environment, and funded by Innovate UK. It seeks to demonstrate how wireless vehicle charging technology can unlock a range of the blockers to the market transitioning to electric vehicles and decarbonized cities.

Pixelshrink Digital Impact are leaders in academic web design. The brief was to produce an attractive website using their existing logo. It needs has the capacity to grow as the project produces its deliverables. The project aims to empower wireless vehicle charging to fuel the transition to electric vehicles and decarbonized cities.

The existing logo gave us our vibrant colour scheme of orange and navy.  Also, the Art Deco-style logo’s curves are complemented by the readable and popular Poppins font.

On the homepage, the video background for the header gives a subtle sense of dynamism to the site. In addition, the attractively animated Project Aims section clearly guides the user to interact with it. We’re also proud of the Partners page’s stylish layout and ‘Read more’ elements to minimise clutter.

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