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SEO is what’s going to draw people to your website. A fantastic design is what’s going to provide them with effortless usability and a great experience. But what’s going to keep them on your site?


Content is at the heart of any powerful website, helping to guide visitors through their journey and towards the most desirable outcomes. “Content is king” is a phrase that exists for a reason.

Content can be used to…

  • Inform: Effectively communicate your aims, goals, objectives, vision and passion
  • Educate: Translate complex ideas and notions into easy-to-digest blog posts and articles
  • Engage: Invite visitors in, through the use of interactive content and two-way communications including email newsletters
  • Entertain: Connect and build relationships through shared delights and pleasures
  • Influence: Encourage alternative ways of thinking with thought-provoking pieces
  • Demonstrate: Showcase your team’s talents, skills and interests, and build your organisation’s brand
  • Share: Reach out to new audiences with social posts and guest articles on multiple platforms

At Pixelshrink, we’re pleased to offer content writing services to maximise your digital impact.

Content creation graphicOur content packages

We offer a wide range of content packages to suit your needs and budget. These range from regular articles to keep your audience engaged, to frequent updates, news, and insights from your field.

Don’t see a package that’s quite right? We’ll build a custom content plan, tailored to your requirements – contact us to get started.

Whether you’re looking for one or two short and snappy blogs per month, or longer opinion pieces that allow you to take a deep dive into complex subjects, we’re here to help. Contact us to discuss your needs. We’ll work with you to develop a plan that’ll help you derive much more value from your site.

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the pixelshrink advantage


Access to a skilled team of experienced academic writers

High-quality content written by native English speakers

Technical subjects transformed into accessible, digestible pieces

Unique content, developed specifically for you

Flexible plans, delivering what you need, when you need it

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www.pixelshrink logo specialist services

for your research project

  • Content creation Open up access to your research via accessible blog posts, written by academic writers
  • Project Naming Find it hard to create a catchy acronym for your project? We’ll help
  • Domain names Suggest the best web address and register it for you, including
  • Multi-lingual websites In-house languages expertise, we can also handle translation
  • Specialist design services
    Design research posters, or infographics and interactive elements

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our content marketing plans

lagoon content plan

content package 1

monthly: £200

Up to 2 shorter blog posts (500 words) or 1 longer (1000 words)
Upload to site: £50 extra

sea content plan

content package 2

monthly: £375

Up to 4 shorter blog posts (500 words) or 2 longer (1000 words)
Upload to site: £75 extra

ocean content plan

content package 3

monthly: £700

Up to 8 shorter blog posts (500 words) or 4 longer (1000 words)
Upload to site: £100 extra

terms and conditions

Monthly plans are payable by Direct Debit or standing order and can be cancelled at any time giving 30 days’ notice. New prices and package features apply from June 1st 2024

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