data design

When it comes to collecting and showcasing data, we’re passionate about demystifying technical subjects and making them more accessible to a wider audience. We can help you achieve maximum impact with our:

  • engaging data visualisations
  • attractive infographics
  • research posters that pop
  • easy-to-use back-end web developments to collect and organise data

We can make data come alive

You can take your tables and graphs to the next level. Project Sensible, a pan-European community energy project, needed to demonstrate the amount of energy and CO2 emissions saved. Accessible graphs and charts and custom-made icons connected to live project data and demonstrate impact in an accessible way. Our custom web developments can make a targeted impact with stakeholders.

Don’t forget about the backend

It’s so easy to forget that collecting and administering your data needs to be as user-friendly and intuitive as presenting it. We’ve created clever blogging platforms, and special forms that help organisations offer a complex product offering, or run an online campaign. We’ve also set up a customised online mapping application for a local sustainability project.

Live graphs of CO2 reduction and energy saving data on the Project Sensible website

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