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Having designed websites and marketing for many health and sustainability-related projects over the years, we’re in a unique position to join the dots and see how one informs the other.

After all, one of the UN Sustainability Development Goals is ‘Good Health and Well-being‘.

We’ve helped many high-profile initiatives in their fields of dementia, mental health, community energy and clean tech to reach their target audience with our specialist ethical digital marketing services.

We understand the needs of universities and academic research projects, NHS Trusts, local authorities and charities, as well as businesses who get involved with this important work.

It’s easy to just talk the talk, but we’re committed to our ethical policy, and have actively supported public transport campaigns and an ethical fashion event.

we understand the issues holistically

Improving air quality, reducing pollution and more contact with nature can curb a number of health risks, thus taking the pressure off our NHS.

However, we need to bear in mind that as people get healthier and more prosperous, their carbon footprint may increase, so development needs to be sustainable without encroaching on the world’s dwindling natural habitats and resources.

We’re passionate about enabling the general public to engage with complex issues like these, with our focus on what we call The 3 I’s of Engagement.

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Give your project a vibrant identity

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the three I’s of engagement


Make an impact with new ways of presenting your ideas


Enable people to get involved rather than one-way broadcasting


Encourage participation by being on your target audience’s wavelength

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