make your website mobile-friendly

Websites need to be easily viewed on a mobile or a tablet nowadays, as so many people surf the internet on smaller devices.   If your website isn’t mobile friendly, it’ll be a lot harder for many of your visitors to use.   We can make your website ‘responsive’, so that it’ll look great on a laptop, Ipad or mobile.

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what difference will it make?


  • User needs to zoom in and scroll
  • Text is too small to read
  • Links are too small to click with your finger
  • Menu doesn’t work well without a mouse
  • Layout is fixed


  • No zooming needed
  • Text is large enough to be readable
  • Links are big enough to click on a touchscreen
  • Mobile-friendly menu is easy to use
  • Layout adapts to the size of screen

Drag the  www.before and after arrows arrow to the side 

pixelshrink image: after - on a mobile, menu works well, the links are easy to select and there's no need to zoom in to read the text pixelshrink image: before - on a mobile, the dropdown menu isn't working, the links are too small to click on and you need to zoom in to read the text

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