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One of the important aspects of our job is website security. We can take care of that for you so you can focus on running your business.

Websites now need to use a security certificate (called an SSL certificate) and a web address which starts with https:// (the ‘s’ is all-important!) – you’ll see a green padlock in your web browser. This is so they don’t get demoted by Google and flagged as a security risk by web browsers like Chrome. Our websites come with this as standard, and if your existing site doesn’t have one, we can add it for you.

www.Green padlock displayed for https:// website in web browser

We can also take care of software updates for you, because if you’re using a system like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, your website will be a lot more secure if the software is up to date. We can also set your website up to make it as hard to tamper with as possible.

Have you had a security problem with your website? Has it been hacked or taken down (a denial of service attack)? We can help you recover and prevent problems in the future.

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websites need ongoing care

  • Peace of mind
    Focus on your work knowing that the website is being looked after, minimising the risk of being hacked
  • Proactive
    We monitor your website so we can proactively troubleshoot problems
  • Presentation
    Your visitor may lose trust and not return if they see an ugly error message, or if it loads too slowly
  • Priority
    We see maintenance as an equal priority to developing new websites, so support tickets won’t sit languishing in our in tray

Our website care plans

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