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The ultimate events calendar: the best free WordPress plugins 2019
We’ve tested the calendars you can add to your website, and we can reveal the one that comes top ...
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Who is Cloudflare and did they break the internet?
Cloudflare provides services for a lot of major websites. If they have an outage, does that affect yours? ...
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Google logo made with M&M's sweets
What is a favicon and does my website need one?
Favicons are small icons that are vital in branding your website and appearing in Google search results ...
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Best domain name providers for 2019
Domain names are your website's window to the world - but not all providers are the same ...
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How to choose a domain name provider
What you need to make your website easy to find and professional-looking ...
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What happens to your .eu domain name after Brexit
There could be consequences for UK organisations with .eu web addresses ...
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Do Automatic updates for WordPress make life easier?
Finding the most hassle-free way to update your website software ...
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Why is a blog like a dog?
It's not just for Christmas... you need to keep feeding it! ...
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