about pixelshrink

Pixelshrink Digital Impact was founded in 2014, offering a new way of working to maximise the impact of your online presence.

  • You can engage a freelancer, but if they're unavailable or too busy you might not get the job done in time.
  • You can engage a large agency, but as they have large overheads they may be selling you more than you need.
  • Both may be more interested in the shiny new development work, rather than the crucial tasks involved in day-to-day maintenance of your website.

Our distributed team of experts combines agency expertise with the flexibility of freelancers, working virtually to ensure we're nimble and efficient.

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What makes us tick

  • We're passionate about demystifying academic research and making it more accessible. Our distributed team of experts love bridging the gap between research projects and their audiences, through innovative methods of engagement and presentation of complex data.
  • Having designed websites and marketing for many health and sustainability projects over the years, we’re in a unique position to join the dots and see how one informs the other.
  • We want to help businesses of all sizes increase sales and clicks. It's all about analysing your target audience, and tailoring your website to increase leads and sales with a clear user journey.
  • We care about website care. All websites need maintenance, and we see it as an equal priority to developing new sites, so the updates you urgently need won't sit languishing in our in tray.

benefits of partnering with pixelshrink

saving you time

  • We respond quickly
    There's nothing worse than constantly chasing - we'll always keep you in the loop
  • We're a one-stop shop
    We provide the specialist services that you need all in one place

saving you hassle

  • We're experienced
    Trading since 2014, we harness decades of public and private sector experience
  • We're reliable
    We deliver what we promise, and won't leave you in the lurch

efficient & flexible

  • We're lean
    We've always worked from home offices, so working virtually is second-nature
  • We're nimble
    We have a distributed network of trusted collaborators