AICE Project

The AICE Project (AI-Supported Image Analysis in Large Bowel Camera Capsule Endoscopy) is a multi-partner Horizon Europe-funded project aiming to make life better for people being diagnosed with colon cancer. It involves a small, pill-shaped capsule equipped with a camera that, when ingested, captures tens of thousands of pictures of the colon to screen for cancer, which are then analysed by artificial intelligence.

Pixelshrink Digital Impact is a specialist in research project web design and was very happy to work again with the University of Strathclyde on the website for this cutting-edge project.

Initially a holding page with basic details was launched as the project was in its early stages. We then built the website in close collaboration with the University’s team and conforming to the project’s revitalised branding.

Our specialism in web design for life sciences meant we could offer a tailored approach, including the production of interactive elements such as an animated version of the AICE Pathway.

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